A Bacon Chronicles Halloween is the tenth episode in the first season of The Bacon Chronicles. The episode first aired on October 31, 2015 on BaconNetwork at 6pm. The premiere was watched by 62,000 viewers (likely due to many children trick-or-treating at the time) and the episode was written and directed by BaconMahBoi. This is the first holiday episode of the series.


Bacon and Sausage are accidentally swept to Hell.

Full plot

Bacon is in a bright area praying to a bowl of sweets, though this is revealed to be a dream. Bacon wakes up and screams about today being Halloween, waking up Sausage and irritating him. Bacon quickly does his morning routine before putting on his costume. Sausage reminds him that people only trick-or-treat in the evenings, before opening the curtains to see lots of people trick-or-treating. 

In Darmadon's castle, Darmadon clicks his fingers and three of his slaves quickly dress him for Halloween. He clicks his fingers again and is carried out on a throne by his smallest slave. TBA


  • Narrator: Previously on The Bacon Chronicles... (following lines are from Galactical Deathmatch)
  • Darmadon: Be on the look out for Bacon and Sausage. I want them dead.
  • Murderer: My pleasure!
  • Illuminati: (laughs maniacally)
  • (Illuminati chases Bacon and Sausage)
  • Narrator: This time...
  • (episode begins in a bright room where Bacon is praying to a bowl of sweets)
  • Bacon (quietly): O Lord and Master, I pray to you humbly to bestow upon me great gifts of sweets galore, Amen. (is covered in sweets) YES!
  • (in Bacon and Sausage's apartment, Bacon wakes up)
  • (Sausage wakes up)
  • Sausage: Woah!... I know. (groans silently) when do I go back to bed...
  • Bacon: YEEEEHAW! (quickly brushes his teeth, shoves bread in his mouth and shoves his devil costume on)
  • Sausage: You realise, people only trick-or-treat in the evenings... (opens the curtains to reveal many trick-or-treaters and tuts)
  • Bacon: YEEEEHAWWW!
  • (in Lord Darmadon's castle)
  • Darmadon: (clicks fingers and three slaves immediately put his costume on him, clicks fingers again and his smallest slave carries him outside on a huge throne)
  • TBA


  • This is the first episode where the title and opening credits are in red, due to the first scene taking place on a white background.
  • This episode is banned in certain countries due to the theme of Hell and brief appearance of Satan.
  • "666" was originally written on the wall on one scene, but was replaced with a devil head for reruns for obvious reasons.