AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia is a recurring setting in The Bacon ChroniclesBacon and Sausage stayed here before accidentally travelling to the Carnivorous Zone

The setting has only appeared in two episodes, however it appears in all of the Keeping up with the AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia series of shorts. 


Founded (1912)

In 1912, when Crack and Cooki, two law-abiding biscuits were banned from their town due to not being human like the rest of the population, they were determined to show them who's boss by founding an even better city and ban humans from it. They began their city in a small area of a forest before slowly cutting down trees and expanding what is now AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia

Destroyed (1954)

In 1954, after 42 successful years of AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia, a group of juvinile delinquints who had just spent a year in jail managed to find the city. After robbing the army, they managed to light 6 bombs and blew up the entire town. Crack and Cooki sadly died in this event, the only ones to do so.

Rebuilt (1983)

After the police found the juvinile delinquints (now full grown men), they locked them up for life. Crack and Cooki's two grandsons then came over the town while playing in the forest, and decided to reopen it in memory of their granfathers. They found an old blueprint of the town and managed to build it in 1983.


AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia currently has a rising population of around 60,000 and is the 3rd largest city in the area.

Notable places


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