AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopiaSchoolThing is a school in AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia, and a recurring setting in The Bacon Chronicles . It is a primary school with 382 children attending, currently 380 due to Bacon and Sausage being in the Carnivorous Zone.

The school has only appeared in two episodes, however it is a main setting in the Keeping up with the AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia series of shorts.


The school is well kept. It is made of orange bricks and has two floors. There is a flag with the AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia logo on it next to the school.


Main hall

The main hall is the main room of the school. It contains lockers, hallways, and all the doors to the rooms. The main hall has a very pale green floor and a pale yellow wall.

Mr. Chip's class