Bacon is the main protagonist of the animated series The Bacon Chronicles. He is an adventurous albeit a little cowardly 11 year old bacon slice who discovered the Carnivorous Zone before entering with Sausage. He is voiced by BaconMahBoi.


Bacon is adventurous, and a little cowardly (though he usually tries to hide the afermentioned). He is a get-the-job-done type of person and will always take on a challenge. Bacon has a small side of crazy, which often is shown via his weird dreams.


Bacon is a British-style piece of bacon. His body gradually gets thinner on his left side before eventually forming a point with the right side, which is more straight. He has an triangular orange nose.



  • BaconMahBoi (2015 - present)


  • Mamoru Miyano (2015 - present)


  • Nick Romeo Reimann (2015)
  • Paul Falk (beginning 2016)


  • David Moreno (2015 - present)


  • Li Weijia (2015 - present)


  • Bacon has currently appeared in every episode except A Darmadon in the Life.
  • In Spain, certain scenes where Bacon says "Oh my biscuits" is cut, however not all of them strangely.
  • On when 1000 viewers were randomly given a test showing pictures of characters and if they could recognise them or not, 912 could recognise Bacon, the highest of any characters in the test.
  • Bacon is the current mascot for BaconNetwork, the original channel to broadcast The Bacon Chronicles.
  • The bus monitor who appeared in Welcome to the Carnivorous Zone and briefly in Patience has a large hate toward Bacon, often slugging him off. Bacon is the only one on the bus-driving rota as seen in Welcome to the Carnivorous Zone.