Cooking with Lord Darmadon is the eleventh episode in the first season of The Bacon Chronicles. The episode first aired on November 1, 2015 on BaconNetwork at 6pm. The premiere was watched by 79,000 viewers. The episode was written by BaconMahBoi and directed by Ralf Hat.


Lord Darmadon has a dream where he appears on a cooking show and cooks up Bacon and Sausage for revenge when he didn't eat Bacon in The Annual Carnivorous Zone Bacon Eat-off.

Full plot

We start with a short scene from The Annual Carnivorous Zone Bacon Eat-off, where Bacon escapes the eat-off. A "Two Days Later" card transitions us to a shot of the clouds, as they disappear when nighttime begins. The camera pans down to Lord Darmadon's castle, and into Darmadon's room, where he is sleeping peacefully. We then zoom into his head, and a cheesy intro for "Cooking with Lord Darmadon" plays. TBA


  • (Lord Darmadon chases Bacon, who escapes the eat-off and locks himself in his apartment. A timecard displays on screen, reasing "Two Days Later")
  • (A shot of the clouds through the day, we pan into Darmadon's dream)
  • TBA