Galactical Deathmatch is the eighth episode in the first season of The Bacon Chronicles. The episode first aired on October 28, 2015 on BaconNetwork at 7pm, and was viewed by 169,000 people on its premiere.


Lord Darmadon meets a galactic murderer with one weapon - the Illuminati, which has the power of so much electricity it can do anything in the whole universe, and makes a deal with him - if Darmadon pays him with the power to electrocute the Carnivorous Zone, the murderer will set out to murder Bacon and Sausage.

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  • The episode's premiere, with 169,000 views, was the show's highest rated broadcast yet.
  • The episode contains many references to the game Minecraft:

Bacon accidentally pulls out a Minecraft sword instead of his real weapon.

Sausage sees a pile of boxes and says "That looks like a man named Steve".