Season one is the first season of the animated series, The Bacon Chronicles. The season began on October 19, 2016 and will end on April 18, 2016.


  1. Welcome to the Carnivorous Zone (10/19/15) - Bacon finds a light in his locker, and he and his best friend Sausage end up in the Carnivorous Zone, a strange world found outside of our solar system, full of meat-eaters.
  2. Lord Darmadon (10/20/15) - The evil, power-hungry and greedy Lord Darmadon sees Bacon and Sausage tresspassing on his garden, so he attempts to steal them and eat them.
  3. XTreme Camping (10/21/15) - Bacon and Sausage find 2 bear suits in the woods. They try to use them to scare off Darmadon when he arrives, but a real bear does it instead. Then the two run into some bees, that like to eat honey, sausage, and bacon!
  4. Landlord (10/22/15) - Sausage finds a spot of empty land, so he and Bacon build a make-do shelter in it. However, a mean landlord owns the property, and gets hungry when he finds out they built on his land.
  5. TV Hypnosis (10/23/15) - Bacon discovers a TV in his and Sausage's apartment, but the shows are really luring traps set by Darmadon to hypnotise citizens into serving him.
  6. Trapped in the Apartment (10/26/15) - After their TV is fixed to normal shows, Bacon sees a warning for a flood, but ignores it as the TV is for Earth. However, it floods Bacon's locker and gets into the dimension, causing Bacon and Sausage to be trapped in the apartment.
  7. Do You See the Raining Urchins? (10/27/15) - Bacon and Sausage flood Darmadon's castle while he's sleeping by turning on the sinks, and then fill it with urchins. The next morning, this infuriates Darmadon so much he puts all the urchins in clouds around Bacon and Sausage's apartment to make it rain urchins!
  8. Galactical Deathmatch (10/28/15) - Lord Darmadon meets a galactic murderer with one weapon - the Illuminati, which has the power of so much electricity it can do anything in the whole universe, and makes a deal with him - if Darmadon pays him with the power to electrocute the Carnivorous Zone, the murderer will set out to murder Bacon and Sausage.
  9. The Annual Carnivorous Zone Bacon Eat-off (10/29/15) - Bacon's life is at risk when he is accidentally entered (the Annual Carnivorous Zone Bacon Eat-off.
  10. A Bacon Chronicles Halloween (10/31/15) - Bacon and Sausage are accidentally swept to Hell.
  11. Cooking with Lord Darmadon (11/12/15) - Lord Darmadon has a dream where he appears on a cooking show and cooks up Bacon and Sausage for revenge when he didn't eat Bacon in The Annual Carnivorous Zone Bacon Eat-off.
  12. Hair Fat (11/19/15) - Bacon loses his hair (fat) in Darmadon's castle, so he and Sausage go on a dangerous journey in order to retrieve it.
  13. The Sausage Chronicles (11/26/15) - Sausage takes lead of the show while Bacon stays in the apartment sick.
  14. A Darmadon in the Life (12/4/15) - We see an average day in the life for Lord Darmadon.
  15. Christmas (12/23/15) - Bacon and Sausage must blend in when they are invited to a Christmas dinner, but Sausage accidentally blows it for them.
  16. Stay Quiet (3/6/16) - The murderer manages to capture Bacon and Sausage, and they are thrown into a prison on the ship where the murderer charges the Illuminati. They then overhear his plan - use them to power his master machine which can give so much power to the Illuminati that it will destroy everything in the universe - except his base.
  17. Patience (3/13/16) - Bacon and Sausage put their new plan to stop the murderer's plan in action, but the Illuminati bashes them down to normal Earth, straight next to the locker. They would stay, but they know the whole universe is in jeopardy, so they head back to the Carnivorous Zone in order to save the whole world.
  18. Go Away (3/20/16) - The Illuminati turns against the murderer, stating he's been using him to be strong for as long as he's lived. He separates from him to do the tedious task of the destroying the universe, along with the ship, himself.
  19. Bacon and Sausage vs. the Universe (3/27/16) - With 20 minutes remaining until the destroyal of the universe, Bacon and Sausage have one last chance to stop the Illuminati. They then begin their master plan - use the light from Bacon's locker to effectively reflect the ray beam against the light of the Illuminati's time bomb made of solid light to end up making an even bigger time-bomb, giving them twice the time to stop it.
  20. One Final Chance(4/4/16) - Bacon and Sausage get to the Illuminati's space base to deactivate the time bomb of light with Darkness, which they need to collect from deep space.
  21. True Darkness (4/11/16) - Bacon and Sausage finally find the Darkness needed to stop the Illuminati and begin to start their journey to the light bomb to destroy it.
  22. 3, 2, 1 (4/18/16) - The Illuminati finds the two during their journey.


  • The season was originally set for twenty episodes but was extended to fit in two more important episodes.
  • Season one aired an episode in every season except Summer.
  • The season was confirmed along with the series itself on August 12, 2014.
  • "Welcome to the Carnivorous Zone" was the first episode of the series and was viewed by 164,000 households on its premiere. It is the series' second highest broadcast to date after Galactical Deathmatch which attracted 169,000 households.