Season two is the second season of the animated television series, The Bacon Chronicles. The season will begin in December 2016.

Confirmed episodes

  1. Prison Again (12/5/16) - The Illuminati throws Bacon and Sausage back in prison, however we found out that they were just two 4D replications after the murderer turns his feelings on them. However, due to the three still being in prison, it gave them all time to escape and use some of the murderer's amazing highly advanced technology to get back to the Carnivorous Zone, but Darmadon is waiting for them and the chase begins, and the murderer allies with Bacon and Sausage.
  2. Moar Krestmus (12/12/16) - Bacon and Sausage's second Christmas in the Carnivorous Zone is interrupted when the Illuminati locates them and straps them to an explosive device, however the murderer's highly advanced tech managed to help them escape, but the Illuminati gets out too.


  • The series was renewed for its second season just 18 days after the premiere.
  • The season is confirmed to have at least twenty episodes.