The Bacon Chronicles is an animated series created by BaconMahBoi for BaconNetwork. The series follows two meat products - Bacon and Sausage - as they struggle to survive when they accidentally end up in the Carnivorous Zone through a strange portal, where everyone is a meat-eater. The series premiered on October 19, 2015 on BaconNetwork at 7pm to be viewed by 164,000 people (the third most viewed broadcast on the channel) and is known as one of the "big two" most popular shows on the channel along with the 2015 reboot of 2001's Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing

The series originated as a short 8-minute reel in 2012, Bacon Story, written and directed by BaconMahBoi. After the short was praised after release on the Internet and being showed to many cartoonists, the series was greenlit in 2013. The first season took two years to produce, from Summer 2013 - Spring/Summer 2015.

The series is currently airing its second series, with a third in production.


Bacon and Sausage, two anthomorphic foods of the same names, find a strange light in Bacon's locker which ends up taking them to the Carnivorous Zone as they attempt to find out what it's doing. In there they must survive past meat-eaters and the greedy ruler Lord Darmadon while also following a regular daily life. A current story arc involves a space murder er with the Illuminati as its weapon capturing Bacon and Sausage on his space base's prison, and the Illuminati detatching from the murderer to take down the world himself. Bacon and Sausage then go on a quest through deep space to find "darkness", the only way to stop the Illuminati's time bomb of solid light, before being found by him at the very end of the season 1 finale.



  • Bacon is the main protagonist. An adventurous albeit a little cowardly bacon slice, Bacon is ready to take on (almost) any challenge thrown at him. Voiced by BaconMahBoi.
  • Sausage is the sausage deuterogist of the series, and the best friend of Bacon. He is laid back and (usually) never freaks out. Voiced by Son of Hat.
  • Lord Darmadon is the greedy and power-hungry ruler of the Carnivorous Zone. He is always trying to capture Bacon and Sausage to eat them but constantly fails. Voiced by IAmBagel.

AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopia characters

  • Headmashter is the head teacher of AnthomorphicFoodPlaceTopiaSchoolThing. He is a bundle of mashed potato who always eggs his students on. Voiced by Matt Berry.
  • Bus Monitor Macaroni is the bus monitor for the school's bus. He has a large hatred toward Bacon and always chooses him to drive the bus and slugs him off. Voiced by Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
  • Hambonin' is a bone from a ham. He is a very lazy friend of Bacon and Sausage who almost never does his work. Voiced by BaconMahBoi.
  • Egg On is an egg who is the school's signature athlete. Voiced by TBA.

Carnivorous Zone characters

  • TBA



Episode list

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As of January 2017 a total of 30 episodes have aired, with new episodes set to premiere in April 2017.


Country Network(s) Current timeslot(s) Fist aired
United Kingdom and Ireland BaconNetwork

Tuesday - Friday at 8:15am (reruns)

Every day at 10:30am (x2), 1pm (x2) and 3pm (x2) as part of the Easter weekend

Weekends at 2pm (x2 (after Easter weekend)) and 7:45pm (reurn)

Sundays at 3:15pm (new episode)

October 19, 2015
United States of America BaconNetwork US Weekends at 9am (new episodes, one segment)
Monday - Wednesday at 6pm (reruns, one segment)
January 2, 2016
Canada YTV Tuesdays at 5pm (new episodes, one segment)
Weekends at 11am (reruns, one segment)
January 26, 2016